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  • Kimmuriel Oblodra

    The last remaining member of House Oblodra, this powerful Psion is the acting head of Bregan D'aerthe, the most powerful of Menzoberranzan's mercenary guilds. He is one of the most influential males in the city, and appears to have some kind of past with …

  • Elbow

    -The second to foretell the coming of the Weaver plot. -killed by the blind townsfolk of lonelywood. h3. The Prophecy of Elbow When sought out by the Exemplars to use his psychic insight regarding symbols found at [[[[:quinn | Quinn's]]]] mage …

  • Carla Chalupa

    - The head of the Broken Shield Gang, Carla unwittingly reopened Dragon's Eye, releasing the Yuan-Ti and fulfilling the prophecy of Elbow the Goblin. - She was slain by the hordes of Yuan-Ti that subsequently poured forth, along with the rest of her gang …

  • Cody

    With his hired hands, George and Gregg, Cody travels the north picking up whatever hilarious work he can.