The Exemplars

3.1 - Respite
The day after a mighty victory.

PCs present – Destin, Enna, Rekar, Willem, Blackwoode, Malek

The party awoke to find that Theren had gone. Where he had gone to only a few discovered. After a brief rest at the war camp, they packed up their gear and made the long walk to Kuldahar. Timothy had assured them that if they sought him out there, he would have a surprise for the group.
After visiting the sights and carrying out a few errands under the Great Oak, Timothy took them to the Kuldahar pass and revealed the new Citadel of the Exemplars. The party explored their new home.
Some significant events that occurred were as follows:
Destin continued his research and began learning how to cast rituals. He also apparently has an anonymous benefactor, who hired Raziel the Githyanki to deliver some items to him.
Blackwood trapped his room and bonded with Destin.
Rekar commissioned a new sword from the Anathema tooth and flirted with the local Blacksmith.
Willem received an anonymous gift: a pair of gauntlets, marked with the same symbol on the pendant Ilo gave him.
Enna experienced a strange and unique vision from the Great Oak. Its meaning is unclear.
Malek played kitten poker with Raziel, had an interesting night with the local priestess of Ilmater, and had his first taste of changeling blood. It was a good day for him.

XP gained per player: 3,000

3.0 - The Oncoming Storm
The world as we know it is about to change...

A small group of adventurers in the city of Calaunt, in the country of Vesperin, was readying to set out on an expedition to the nearby Earthspur Mountains: they were preparing to clear out a band of cultists that had been assembling there. Before they could leave, the city was attacked by goblinoids while spiders and other monstrosities rose from the sewers. A large cloud of black storms overran the city, while dragons, liches, and necromancers destroyed everything in sight. The adventurers didn’t stand a chance: all fell before the horrible might of the storm to come. The group finally succumbed to the might of a Goristro, a mighty city-destroying demon. This demon, however, was among the weakest of the horrors descending upon an unwary Faerun.

The Forces of Darkness are gathering. And who shall stand in their way?

2.10 - Assault on Dragon's Eye
The Yuan-ti Threat is finally defeated, at a cost.

PCs present – Jam, Destin, Willem, Enna, Zantumal, Rekar, Malek, Theren, Blackwood

The forces of the Ten Towns, with the help of the Exemplars, mounted a frontal assault on the fortress of Dragon’s Eye, the lair of the Yuan-ti in the north. The majority of the army pressed forward into the depths of the subterranean fortress; their goal being to secure the first level of the complex and seal off any access from the lower levels to the surface. General Grocheg, Timothy Quickdraw, and Theren went with this group, while the party skirted down a side hallway. Their job was to seek out and eliminate the casters of a ritual that scrying had revealed to be taking place. After a truly venomous encounter, the party liberated a group of abducted and starving villagers, including a blacksmith named Deborah. After helping the villagers barricade themselves inside, the party sought out the ritual chamber.
They arrived too late: the ritual had been cast. The Yuan-ti Incanter had summoned a Yuan-ti Anathema from the bowels of Dragon’s Eye, and the party set to work trying to kill it as soon as it was borne forth. After a grueling battle, the party rose victorious, but at a cost: Jamendithas was gravely wounded.
Destin stepped forward with a ritual from the book of forbidden magic Diadria gave him: it would presumably revitalize a dying comrade’s spirit. All it needed was a living focus to complete the ritual. Theren stepped forward, and the ritual was cast. Suddenly, the party was stunned by a blinding light, and a vision revealed Theren’s tragic past. When the haze cleared, Jam’s body was gone.
Timothy revealed to the party that Theren and Jam had joined as one, with Jam’s consciousness occupying a distant place of Theren’s subconscious. Theren’s sacrifice had also allowed him to complete his penance to Mielikki. His memory of his past was also, supposedly, gone from his mind.
The group retired to their tents in the camp. The fires of the snake corpses nearby burned in the night, filling the gorge with the cruel light of hard-earned victory.

XP gained per player: 5,000

2.9 - The Sleeping Giant
Ending the Ice-goddess' plot.

PCs present – Destin, Enna, Jam, Willem, Blackwoode, Zantumal,

After sleeping the day, the group returned to the Targos docks, where Diadria was waiting. She sent them south-east of the place that was once Huntsfell. There they found an exiled Ulutiutian, practicing magic forbidden by their tribe. With some magical persuasion, he drew them a map to the supposed resting-place of Ulutiu, where he believed Aurilite priestesses were siphoning life energy from the sleeping god.
The group went to the indicated place, discovering the glacier to be cracked and sundered. After a perilous fight beginning above and ending at the bottom of a 100 foot chasm, the group encountered the sleeping Ulutiu himself, and put the evil Aurilite ritual to an end. They left the god there to his repose.
Diadria returned them to Targos and gave them their reward. The group set about restoring their sleep pattern.

XP gained per player: 2,200

The Glacier Battle

2.8 - Auril's Conspiracy
The party says goodbye, and a new threat is uncovered.

PCs present – Enna, Destin, Willem, Jam, Rekar, Blackwoode, Malek, Zantumal.

The Exemplars gathered for the funeral of Fade. All were saddened at the loss of this brave warrior and good friend.

The Funeral

Diadria, Demoness of the First Circle of Hell, called the group together that night to ask a favor of them. The Demoness was in a feud with Auril, goddess of Winter, who was stealing power from somewhere within the Great Glacier. She teleported the group there, where they encountered Huntsfell, a barbarian encampment. The barbarians were Ulutiutians, worshippers of the sleeping giant god, Ulutiu. They welcomed the group, telling them that the odd weather had kept them from migrating to the south-east. It soon became apparent to the group that Aurilite cultists were stealing power from the sleeping god.
That night Aniera, one of the village advisers, set fire to the groups tent. They escaped unscathed, and saw her running to the woods. Giving chase, they tracked her to a mountainous ice cave, where Aniera revealed herself as a priestess of Auril. She and her followers attacked the party, and though the group triumphed, Aniera escaped. The group returned to find Huntsfell swallowed up by the glacier, twisted by Auril’s magic.
An unimpressed Diadria transported the group back to Targos, where they slept at last.

XP gained per player: 2,529

2.7 - A Turning Point
A great victory, and a tragic defeat.

PCs present – Fade, Enna, Willem, Jam, Destin, Blackwood, Zantumal

Targos Palisade

The group was tasked with aiding the Targos army in breaking the Yuan-ti siege. While the main group assaulted the Yuan-ti forces, the party had to go to the nearby Shaengarne River and destroy the bridge. Reconnaissance had determined that an army of Goblinoids would be coming by that route to bolster the Yuan-ti forces. Destroying the bridge would remove that problem.
The party set out, disguised as goblinoids, and successfully made their way behind enemy lines. After a brief skirmish, they wound up at the Shaengarne bridge. The bridge was heavily defended, but the party fought boldly and pushed their way to the bridge itself. They set to work attacking the bridge supports, all the while fending off the Yuan-ti archers and incanters.
The normally timid Fade pushed his way to the front. Fireball after fireball he launched at the supports, while keeping the attackers at bay. As the bridge began to tilt into the raging river, the party evacuated the bridge as fast as they could. Unfortunately, Fade wasn’t fast enough: the last support gave way, and Fade was plunged with the Yuan-ti straight into the Shaengarne River. The last the party saw of him, Fade was being dragged below in the coils of a giant Yuan-ti.
The group searched frantically for him, but it was no use. Fade was gone.

XP gained per player: 5,000

The Shaengarne Bridge

2.6 - Drizzt Do'Urden
A new character, and the appearance of an iconic hero.

PCs present – Willem, Fade, Enna, Elyas, Jam, Rekar, Destin

The group was sent to the Spine of the World to the location of a fabled temple. Legend held that a great power was hidden there. Upon arriving at the tower, they found Jamendithas attempting to trigger a ritual. With the party’s help, they summoned Elyas,a deva warrior mage, who seemed willing to help the Exemplar cause. The party had to locate his amulet, however, for his bind to the mortal world to be complete. They set out to find it, following Elyas’ bond to the artifact.
Upon reaching an ancient tower of Tempos, the group was attacked by none other then Drizzt Do’Urden, legendary drow hero of the north. The dark elf was clearly confused, as he thought the party to be in league with the Weavers. After trading several blows, the party was finally able to convince him that they were not a threat.
The party recovered the amulet and supped with Drizzt. Then Elyas and the group went their separate ways.

XP gained per player: 2,742

2.5 - The King of the Sword Mountains
The Stonebreaker Tribe is reunited.

PCs Present – Willem, Fade, Enna, Destin, Uthal, Theren, Rekar

The party was sent back to the Sword Mountains. Uthal’s tribe had been raiding nearby farms, and were an immediate and deadly threat to the town to the west of the mountains. Upon arrival at the camp, they discovered that Magnus Craor Stonebreaker had become king, as Aldoch had died under mysterious circumstances. The goliaths were preparing for an invasion, and were in league with a strange clan of dwarves. They were forcibly expelled from the camp and told never to return.
The group discovered and thwarted an attempt by the dwarves to ambush them, and were approached by the Sun Speakers of Clan Stonebreaker. The party was taken to Mag’s secret hideout, who told Uthal of his Stoneblessed status. The party returned to the goliath fortress to deal with Magnus.
They found him in the great hall, and traded a few insults. The conversation soon turned to blows, leaving the mystery of the dwarves undiscovered. After a lengthy battle with the Elite Guard, Magnus, the dwarves, and several undead, the party rose victorious, and Uthal was crowned King of the Stonebreaker Clan.

XP gained per player: 4,500

Stonebreaker Fortress

2.4 - Lich Bitch
A good old-fashioned undead cleanse.

PCs present – Destin, Willem, Fade

Using a rod purchased from Gallaway in Kuldahar, the party followed the energy to the source of the undead threat. They found a lich, protected by enchanted pillars, using the priestess for some sort of ritual or spell. He appeared to be siphoning energy from deep below the earth: it was impossible to tell from what.
After killing the minions, disabling the pillars, and killing the lich with his own spell, the party revived the priestess and searched the room. Inside a small chest, they found money and some papers. It appeared that priestesses of Auril were also operating in the area, but for what purpose no one was certain. They also found a notice from the church of Shar, notifying the lich of a bounty on a changeling named “Nightstalker.” The bounty has increased to 250,000 Astral Diamonds.
Destin’s changeling status was outed to Fade.

XP gained per player: 3,200

The Lich Cave

2.3 - The Tomb of Kresselack
Exploring an ancient evil.

PCs present – Willem, Fade, Destin, Theren

The group was tasked with recovering a kidnapped priestess from the Temple of Ilmater in Kuldahar. She had been snatched from the city limits by a group of undead. The Arch-Druid recommended the group search in the Vale of Shadows, a nearby region in the mountains famous for its history of undeath. The group entered the ancient tomb of Kressselack, the Black Wolf, an ancient barbarian leader who killed his tribe for immortality in undeath.
After fighting through waves of undeath, they came to Kresselack’s great sarcophagus itself. After fighting off his minions, the party was confronted by Kresselack’s shade, who told them that the priestess they were searching for was not in his temple. There was, however, a new undead presence in the Kuldahar region. The group returned to report back to the Arch-Druid.

XP gained per player: 6,662

The Temple of Myrkul

Kresselack's Lair


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