The Exemplars

2.4 - Lich Bitch
A good old-fashioned undead cleanse.

PCs present – Destin, Willem, Fade

Using a rod purchased from Gallaway in Kuldahar, the party followed the energy to the source of the undead threat. They found a lich, protected by enchanted pillars, using the priestess for some sort of ritual or spell. He appeared to be siphoning energy from deep below the earth: it was impossible to tell from what.
After killing the minions, disabling the pillars, and killing the lich with his own spell, the party revived the priestess and searched the room. Inside a small chest, they found money and some papers. It appeared that priestesses of Auril were also operating in the area, but for what purpose no one was certain. They also found a notice from the church of Shar, notifying the lich of a bounty on a changeling named “Nightstalker.” The bounty has increased to 250,000 Astral Diamonds.
Destin’s changeling status was outed to Fade.

XP gained per player: 3,200

The Lich Cave

2.3 - The Tomb of Kresselack
Exploring an ancient evil.

PCs present – Willem, Fade, Destin, Theren

The group was tasked with recovering a kidnapped priestess from the Temple of Ilmater in Kuldahar. She had been snatched from the city limits by a group of undead. The Arch-Druid recommended the group search in the Vale of Shadows, a nearby region in the mountains famous for its history of undeath. The group entered the ancient tomb of Kressselack, the Black Wolf, an ancient barbarian leader who killed his tribe for immortality in undeath.
After fighting through waves of undeath, they came to Kresselack’s great sarcophagus itself. After fighting off his minions, the party was confronted by Kresselack’s shade, who told them that the priestess they were searching for was not in his temple. There was, however, a new undead presence in the Kuldahar region. The group returned to report back to the Arch-Druid.

XP gained per player: 6,662

The Temple of Myrkul

Kresselack's Lair

Willem's past is revealed.

PCs Present - Willem, Uthal, Enna, Illivara, Theren, Destin

Timothy received word from Beregost that Morningsong, the monastery where Willem was raised, had been subject to persecution and was the target of some seemingly related attacks. The party, along with an elven monk named Theren, teleported to Waterdeep to hire a ship to Baldur’s Gate; everyone save Illivara, who left on Oswald’s Airship, which was journeying to the former entrance to the Underdark to tie up any loose ends.
Chemistry began developing between Enna and Theren. Tension continued to build between Uthal and Destin.
Upon arrival at Baldur’s Gate, the party hired a wagon and rode to Morningsong. They met with Royl Tanner, Captain of the Guard, who informed them that in addition to some petty arson, two senior members of the clergy, Brother Morrick the Stout and Brother Galen, had been killed in mysterious and deliberate fires. Inscribed at the crime scenes were the names “Hollis” and “Liara”, which were revealed to be the names of Willem’s parents. Willem explained to the party that, as a child, he flew into a tantrum that triggered his genasi Firesoul, causing a fire that killed his entire family. Protected by Galen, Morrick and Khepri Lightbringer (who would become his chief mentor), and raised by the clerics of Morningsong, he was trained as a warpriest. He never got over the trauma of the accident that took the lives of his parents and sister.
Upon investigating the crime scenes, they discovered that the fire was of an arcane source. The group went to warn Khepri, who refused any special help and chose instead to continue her shopping at the local bookshop. The party returned to the monastery to confer with Royl. He determined that Willem and Khepri were in grave danger, and should be brought back to Morningsong at once.
Upon returning to the town however, they discovered the bookshop to have been destroyed, and Khepri in critical condition. Spotting a cloaked figure entering the local tavern, they followed, discovering the staff captured by kobolds. Killing their way to the basement, the party followed some tracks into the sewer, where they were ambushed by more kobolds and their mysterious quarry. The cloaked figure was revealed to be Anya, Willem’s sister, presumed dead. Demanding vengeance for her parents, she called upon the kobolds to attack.
Willem was hit first and pushed into the sewer water, which Anya immediately cast a spell on. Willem found his skin burning with his own Flamesoul, and a nearby exploding barrel only magnified the problem. The heroes sprang into action however, defending the fallen warpriest from the kobold onslaught while Anya escaped to the surface through a manhole. Beating her minions into submission, the team immediately ran to the surface, but could find no trace of Anya anywhere.
Returning to the square, they were informed that Khepri was in stable condition, news they received right before Willem collapsed. After being treated at the monastery, it was discovered that Anya had placed a powerful curse on Willem – one that made him sensitive to fire. There is no known cure.
After a few days at Morningsong, during which Willem paid respect to his fallen bretheren, the Exemplars began the journey back to Haven.

XP gained per player: 2,797

The Rescue
The end of a plot, the beginning of an adventure!!!

The Exemplars infiltrated a bar in the main Vandree compound. Evading or silencing any guards along the way, they found their way to the Great Chamber of Lolth, where Fiirnel’ther had Enna bound for sacrifice.
Starting a fire in the stairwell, the Exemplars dove into the fray, and though they were bound by the spells of the Drow Arcanists and Priestesses, Uthal and Jamendithas made their way to the ziggurat altar and fought off the priestesses with all their strength. The heroes held their ground as more and more drow approached, and just as they freed a badly wounded but still fighting Enna, the Bregan D’aerthe rushed in, led by Jarlaxle Baenre, and entered the fray. Fighting off the Vandree guards, they allowed the Exemplars to take their reclaimed hero out of the chamber (despite the blind rage of Gorin). They reunited with Kimmuriel Oblodra (after a less-than-impressive encounter with the newly-raised General Hesiod), who helped them out to the surface.
Attacked by a last drow patrol on the surface, Brack’s timely arrival (in accordance with the help of Shil Yargo and the Buccaneer’s Tear) defeated the Drow, and the heroes made safe landfall at Kuldahar Pass. Only after Jamendithas left the ship, however, to search for his father…
A job well done to everyone. The Exemplars have struck a major blow for Justice.
XP Gained: 22000

Previously on the Exemplars...
The Story So Far

The heroes have joined a guild known as the Exemplars, an organization of heroes dedicated to maintaining order and justice in the Northern region of Faerûn and elsewhere.
Recently, the Citadel of the Exemplars was overrun by a joint organization of Yuan-Ti, goblinoids, and a Drow organization known as the Weavers. What remains of the guild has struck back in force, reclaiming many key tactical points and establishing a secondary base of operations in the City of Waterdeep.
There have been many losses, however. Good Mead, one of the Ten Towns, fell to a Yuan-Ti force led by the Weavers. Exemplar operatives have been captured and killed. The North remains in jeopardy from the constant threat of the goblinoids.
In a bold move, a strike team of Exemplar operatives have ventured into the heart of the Weaver camp: House Vandree, in the Drow metropolis of Menzoberranzan. The team’s mission: to seek out and hopefully reclaim Enna, a powerful Exemplar druid, and to hit the Weavers where it hurts. Hard.
They have infiltrated House Vandree… will they get out alive?


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