Hired Soldier. Was thought to have been killed in action, but was ressurected by Exemplar clerics.


Human Soldier.
Newly promoted lieutenant under General Grocheg in the ranks of the Exemplars.


- a soldier fighting for the Exemplars. He fought bravely during the Battle for Stonewhistle Keep, slaying the Hobgoblin shaman who summoned the Goristro.
- Died in the onslaught that claimed the city of Good Mead, fighting alongside Uthal Stonebreaker under the banner of the Exemplars.
- Unbeknownst to Uthal, Wedge was resurrected by high level exemplar clerics and promoted within the ranks of the Exemplars for his valorous service.
- Now serves as a lieutenant under General Grocheg (the battlefield commander of the Exemplars).


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