This daring swordsman is never comfortable in one face for too long.


- changeling Swordmaster and Martial Archetype
- apart from his own identity, he has adopted over the years three other distinct identities:
– Jon of Baldur’s Gate (human male mercenary)
– Varis of the High Forest (elf male soldier)
– Korgûl of Many Arrows (half-orc male gladiator)


Simm first encountered the Exemplars at a Neverwinter inn, where he foiled an attempt by drow assassins to kill key agents of the Exemplars. It was during this encounter that Enna was kidnapped and taken to the Underdark. Simm then joined the ranks of the Exemplars in order to battle the evil of the Weavers Simm was instrumental during the guild’s efforts to bind the Earth Titan Stonefang once more to his subterranean prison, and following this was sent as an envoy to the goblinoid kingdom of Many Arrows where he had spent many years. He made this journey with Snook Boneswiller and Raz’Zaz Griindling, two goblin envoys from the kingdom. It was hoped that these three companions can an forge an alliance between the Exemplars and Many Arrows in anticipation of a major conflict with the Weavers. Most recently, Simm, Snook and Raz’Zaz were seen leading the armies of Many Arrows against The Withering before time on the battlefied was stopped by Falco Goodbody, giving the guild’s expeditionary force time to enter (and hopefully return from) the Shadowfell.

Simm: Changeling Swordmaster
Simm’s past is a bit of a jumble, even to himself, as he has taken on many faces over the years. His three major alter-egos are each renowned as a master swordsman in their own right, but it is as Simm the changeling swordmaster that he is most famous, or rather infamous. The Red Wizards of Thay, the Kraken Society and the Shadow Thieves of Amn have all placed a substantial sum on his head, because of his constant meddling in their nefarious affairs. The Harpers also bear him some resentment as his ham-fisted tactics have inadvertently botched some of their secret operations against the Red Wizards. When he is not trying to foil the plans of evil organizations, he can be found in Waterdeep. Simm’s closest friend is Marta, a human cleric of Tymora, and it is from her that he received his Luckblade, a longsword that tips the odds of combat slightly in his favour. Although he considers using this edge dishonorable when fighting martial opponents, he has no qualms about evening the odds when he is in conflict with powerful magic users. Because of his unique past and upbringing, he is completely open-minded towards all races, choosing his enemies based solely upon their lack of honor and character.

Jon: Human Mercenary
Jon was a mercenary with the Flaming Fist Company in Baldur’s Gate, and helped police the city and surrounding countryside. He left the force after five years, disenchanted with the level of corruption in his fellow mercenaries. Though he left Baldur’s Gate, Jon still has many friends and contacts in the city.

Varis: Elf Soldier
Varis fought in the ongoing war that the wood elves waged against the innumerable tribes of orcs, gnolls, and an alliance of demon-spawned elves from Hellgate Keep, on the northeast edge of the High Forest. He left the front lines on a leave of absence, during which he allegedly went on a pilgrimage to Evereska. He never returned to the army and is considered absent without leave.

Korgûl: Half-Orc Gladiator
Korgûl gained prominence in the gladiatorial rings of the kingdom of Many Arrows. Rather than being enslaved like many gladiators, those who fight in the arenas of Many Arrows are held up as public figures. Korgûl was the ultimate champion, and served as a role model to young orcs, bugbears and goblins. This was not only because of his prowess in the ring, but because of the inspirational example he set for them. He told them that they should be proud of what they are, and that they should live to the fullest of their potential. He was essentially the poster boy for goblinoid rights. He left Many Arrows to show the world that goblinoids truly could make a positive contribution to civilization. Rumour has been spreading that Korgûl will soon return to Many Arrows with a proposition that could change the course of the kingdom’s history.


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