A cocksure young rogue and the Guild's onetime comic relief, he died defending his friends.


- human male rogue.
- killed in action.


- was part of the first batch of new recruits for the guild, along with goliath fighter Uthal, elf druid Enna and changeling sorceress Ninli.
- raised in Luskan and was considered an expert cutpurse and cat burglar by the various thieves guilds.
- once removed from the city atmosphere of Luskan however, he lost confidence in his abilities. Was considered the party’s comic relief.
- was present for the revealing of the prophesy regarding the Weavers by the goblin seer Elbow, and for the opening of Dragon’s Eye.
- was killed by a drider during the fall of the Citadel. In his last moments, he regained his confidence, and dealt his drider murderer a grievous blow before he was killed.


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