Falco Goodbody

Adventurer Extraordinaire.


Male Halfling Bard.
Hero of the Ten Towns.


- Somewhat of an enigma to the denizens of Icewind Dale.
- He first appeared in Ten Towns in 1281 DR when he restored the Heartstone Gem to the druids of Kuldahar and helped to save Easthaven and the entire Dale from the demon Belheifet and the Crystal Shard. He then became a local hero to nearby Lonelywood, slaying an ancient dragon and quelling an invasion of the Uthgardt Barbarians. Following this, he and his companions seemingly vanished off the face of Toril.
- He next appeared in 1312 DR in the town of Targos. From there he and his companions once again saved Kuldahar, defeated the Legion of the Chimera, and destroyed the Hand of Seldarine. Once again, however, he seemed to disappear.
- He showed up again roughly thirty years ago, and was noted by many who met him for his prominent surprise at the results of the Spellplague. He was allegedly quoted as saying, “I go on vacation for a couple-a’ weeks, and Faerun goes to hell again!”
- He has a summer cottage in Lonelywood, where he stays for annual retreats. It is here he compiles and pens his various submissions to the well-known handbook “How To Be An Adventurer.” He is currently working on the 4th revised edition.
- Was witness to the prophecy of Elbow the Goblin, foretelling the coming of the Weaver plot.

Falco Goodbody

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