Goblin Seer, deceased.


Goblin Bard: Seer.


-The second to foretell the coming of the Weaver plot.
-killed by the blind townsfolk of lonelywood.

The Prophecy of Elbow

When sought out by the Exemplars to use his psychic insight regarding symbols found at [[Quinn’s]] mage tower, he uttered the following prophecy, immediately before being shot down by local xenophobes.

“You don’t know what’s coming. And you can’t stop it from getting here neither. Knows you, it does. Don’t forget to watch! If you don’t watch you won’t see it happen, and if no one sees then none of us were ever here!

“I was sittin’, I was knittin’
On a sweater I could wear.
When I finished, I said proudly,
“Hey, I’ve done some weavin’ there.”
But ol’ spider on the wall said,
“Can you do it in the air?
Can you spin it out of gossamer
From the ceiling to the stair?
Can you let the wind blow through it
So it sways but doesn’t tear?
Then can you grab onto it
And swing lightly on a hair?
When you can – then you may truly say,
‘I’ve done some weavin’ there.’”

The Eye is going to open. And the fury that will pour out of it, sealed up for countless moons, moons they could not see. Elbow sees it, yes yes!! The weaving will begin, and the snakes. Don’t stray through the grass, Young Timmy, lest the snakes come to take you. Snakes, takes, fakes, rakes, lakes. Breaks! Breaks breaks breaks breaks!”
Have you got your shield with you?
I’d invest if I were you.
But in the end, won’t get you through!
A shield can take a lot of snake.
But one day soon, the shield will break!
Once upon a time there were some cheap sell-swords, Luskan Lily-whites who thought they’d shoot for the big thing. Great missions, epic quests! Nobility, riches, all of it would be theirs. But what happens? Guess what happens!! They’ll do it, and no one will know. Know one will see it, not them, not til it’s too late. Why won’t they see? Why won’t you see? Who sees but Elbow? Nobody. Nobody sees, but Elbow sees. Elbow sees. But what can he see. No one trusts elbow. Do you trust him? No one trust Elbow.
But look now. Look at today. Look at now. Hmmmmm. See who trusts me?


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