The Exemplars

The Rescue

The end of a plot, the beginning of an adventure!!!

The Exemplars infiltrated a bar in the main Vandree compound. Evading or silencing any guards along the way, they found their way to the Great Chamber of Lolth, where Fiirnel’ther had Enna bound for sacrifice.
Starting a fire in the stairwell, the Exemplars dove into the fray, and though they were bound by the spells of the Drow Arcanists and Priestesses, Uthal and Jamendithas made their way to the ziggurat altar and fought off the priestesses with all their strength. The heroes held their ground as more and more drow approached, and just as they freed a badly wounded but still fighting Enna, the Bregan D’aerthe rushed in, led by Jarlaxle Baenre, and entered the fray. Fighting off the Vandree guards, they allowed the Exemplars to take their reclaimed hero out of the chamber (despite the blind rage of Gorin). They reunited with Kimmuriel Oblodra (after a less-than-impressive encounter with the newly-raised General Hesiod), who helped them out to the surface.
Attacked by a last drow patrol on the surface, Brack’s timely arrival (in accordance with the help of Shil Yargo and the Buccaneer’s Tear) defeated the Drow, and the heroes made safe landfall at Kuldahar Pass. Only after Jamendithas left the ship, however, to search for his father…
A job well done to everyone. The Exemplars have struck a major blow for Justice.
XP Gained: 22000



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