The Exemplars

2.6 - Drizzt Do'Urden

A new character, and the appearance of an iconic hero.

PCs present – Willem, Fade, Enna, Elyas, Jam, Rekar, Destin

The group was sent to the Spine of the World to the location of a fabled temple. Legend held that a great power was hidden there. Upon arriving at the tower, they found Jamendithas attempting to trigger a ritual. With the party’s help, they summoned Elyas,a deva warrior mage, who seemed willing to help the Exemplar cause. The party had to locate his amulet, however, for his bind to the mortal world to be complete. They set out to find it, following Elyas’ bond to the artifact.
Upon reaching an ancient tower of Tempos, the group was attacked by none other then Drizzt Do’Urden, legendary drow hero of the north. The dark elf was clearly confused, as he thought the party to be in league with the Weavers. After trading several blows, the party was finally able to convince him that they were not a threat.
The party recovered the amulet and supped with Drizzt. Then Elyas and the group went their separate ways.

XP gained per player: 2,742



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