The Exemplars

3.1 - Respite

The day after a mighty victory.

PCs present – Destin, Enna, Rekar, Willem, Blackwoode, Malek

The party awoke to find that Theren had gone. Where he had gone to only a few discovered. After a brief rest at the war camp, they packed up their gear and made the long walk to Kuldahar. Timothy had assured them that if they sought him out there, he would have a surprise for the group.
After visiting the sights and carrying out a few errands under the Great Oak, Timothy took them to the Kuldahar pass and revealed the new Citadel of the Exemplars. The party explored their new home.
Some significant events that occurred were as follows:
Destin continued his research and began learning how to cast rituals. He also apparently has an anonymous benefactor, who hired Raziel the Githyanki to deliver some items to him.
Blackwood trapped his room and bonded with Destin.
Rekar commissioned a new sword from the Anathema tooth and flirted with the local Blacksmith.
Willem received an anonymous gift: a pair of gauntlets, marked with the same symbol on the pendant Ilo gave him.
Enna experienced a strange and unique vision from the Great Oak. Its meaning is unclear.
Malek played kitten poker with Raziel, had an interesting night with the local priestess of Ilmater, and had his first taste of changeling blood. It was a good day for him.

XP gained per player: 3,000



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