The Exemplars

3.0 - The Oncoming Storm

The world as we know it is about to change...

A small group of adventurers in the city of Calaunt, in the country of Vesperin, was readying to set out on an expedition to the nearby Earthspur Mountains: they were preparing to clear out a band of cultists that had been assembling there. Before they could leave, the city was attacked by goblinoids while spiders and other monstrosities rose from the sewers. A large cloud of black storms overran the city, while dragons, liches, and necromancers destroyed everything in sight. The adventurers didn’t stand a chance: all fell before the horrible might of the storm to come. The group finally succumbed to the might of a Goristro, a mighty city-destroying demon. This demon, however, was among the weakest of the horrors descending upon an unwary Faerun.

The Forces of Darkness are gathering. And who shall stand in their way?



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