The Exemplars

2.9 - The Sleeping Giant

Ending the Ice-goddess' plot.

PCs present – Destin, Enna, Jam, Willem, Blackwoode, Zantumal,

After sleeping the day, the group returned to the Targos docks, where Diadria was waiting. She sent them south-east of the place that was once Huntsfell. There they found an exiled Ulutiutian, practicing magic forbidden by their tribe. With some magical persuasion, he drew them a map to the supposed resting-place of Ulutiu, where he believed Aurilite priestesses were siphoning life energy from the sleeping god.
The group went to the indicated place, discovering the glacier to be cracked and sundered. After a perilous fight beginning above and ending at the bottom of a 100 foot chasm, the group encountered the sleeping Ulutiu himself, and put the evil Aurilite ritual to an end. They left the god there to his repose.
Diadria returned them to Targos and gave them their reward. The group set about restoring their sleep pattern.

XP gained per player: 2,200

The Glacier Battle



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