The Exemplars

2.8 - Auril's Conspiracy

The party says goodbye, and a new threat is uncovered.

PCs present – Enna, Destin, Willem, Jam, Rekar, Blackwoode, Malek, Zantumal.

The Exemplars gathered for the funeral of Fade. All were saddened at the loss of this brave warrior and good friend.

The Funeral

Diadria, Demoness of the First Circle of Hell, called the group together that night to ask a favor of them. The Demoness was in a feud with Auril, goddess of Winter, who was stealing power from somewhere within the Great Glacier. She teleported the group there, where they encountered Huntsfell, a barbarian encampment. The barbarians were Ulutiutians, worshippers of the sleeping giant god, Ulutiu. They welcomed the group, telling them that the odd weather had kept them from migrating to the south-east. It soon became apparent to the group that Aurilite cultists were stealing power from the sleeping god.
That night Aniera, one of the village advisers, set fire to the groups tent. They escaped unscathed, and saw her running to the woods. Giving chase, they tracked her to a mountainous ice cave, where Aniera revealed herself as a priestess of Auril. She and her followers attacked the party, and though the group triumphed, Aniera escaped. The group returned to find Huntsfell swallowed up by the glacier, twisted by Auril’s magic.
An unimpressed Diadria transported the group back to Targos, where they slept at last.

XP gained per player: 2,529



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