The Exemplars

2.7 - A Turning Point

A great victory, and a tragic defeat.

PCs present – Fade, Enna, Willem, Jam, Destin, Blackwood, Zantumal

Targos Palisade

The group was tasked with aiding the Targos army in breaking the Yuan-ti siege. While the main group assaulted the Yuan-ti forces, the party had to go to the nearby Shaengarne River and destroy the bridge. Reconnaissance had determined that an army of Goblinoids would be coming by that route to bolster the Yuan-ti forces. Destroying the bridge would remove that problem.
The party set out, disguised as goblinoids, and successfully made their way behind enemy lines. After a brief skirmish, they wound up at the Shaengarne bridge. The bridge was heavily defended, but the party fought boldly and pushed their way to the bridge itself. They set to work attacking the bridge supports, all the while fending off the Yuan-ti archers and incanters.
The normally timid Fade pushed his way to the front. Fireball after fireball he launched at the supports, while keeping the attackers at bay. As the bridge began to tilt into the raging river, the party evacuated the bridge as fast as they could. Unfortunately, Fade wasn’t fast enough: the last support gave way, and Fade was plunged with the Yuan-ti straight into the Shaengarne River. The last the party saw of him, Fade was being dragged below in the coils of a giant Yuan-ti.
The group searched frantically for him, but it was no use. Fade was gone.

XP gained per player: 5,000

The Shaengarne Bridge



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