The Exemplars

2.5 - The King of the Sword Mountains

The Stonebreaker Tribe is reunited.

PCs Present – Willem, Fade, Enna, Destin, Uthal, Theren, Rekar

The party was sent back to the Sword Mountains. Uthal’s tribe had been raiding nearby farms, and were an immediate and deadly threat to the town to the west of the mountains. Upon arrival at the camp, they discovered that Magnus Craor Stonebreaker had become king, as Aldoch had died under mysterious circumstances. The goliaths were preparing for an invasion, and were in league with a strange clan of dwarves. They were forcibly expelled from the camp and told never to return.
The group discovered and thwarted an attempt by the dwarves to ambush them, and were approached by the Sun Speakers of Clan Stonebreaker. The party was taken to Mag’s secret hideout, who told Uthal of his Stoneblessed status. The party returned to the goliath fortress to deal with Magnus.
They found him in the great hall, and traded a few insults. The conversation soon turned to blows, leaving the mystery of the dwarves undiscovered. After a lengthy battle with the Elite Guard, Magnus, the dwarves, and several undead, the party rose victorious, and Uthal was crowned King of the Stonebreaker Clan.

XP gained per player: 4,500

Stonebreaker Fortress



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