The Exemplars

2.4 - Lich Bitch

A good old-fashioned undead cleanse.

PCs present – Destin, Willem, Fade

Using a rod purchased from Gallaway in Kuldahar, the party followed the energy to the source of the undead threat. They found a lich, protected by enchanted pillars, using the priestess for some sort of ritual or spell. He appeared to be siphoning energy from deep below the earth: it was impossible to tell from what.
After killing the minions, disabling the pillars, and killing the lich with his own spell, the party revived the priestess and searched the room. Inside a small chest, they found money and some papers. It appeared that priestesses of Auril were also operating in the area, but for what purpose no one was certain. They also found a notice from the church of Shar, notifying the lich of a bounty on a changeling named “Nightstalker.” The bounty has increased to 250,000 Astral Diamonds.
Destin’s changeling status was outed to Fade.

XP gained per player: 3,200

The Lich Cave



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