The Exemplars

2.3 - The Tomb of Kresselack

Exploring an ancient evil.

PCs present – Willem, Fade, Destin, Theren

The group was tasked with recovering a kidnapped priestess from the Temple of Ilmater in Kuldahar. She had been snatched from the city limits by a group of undead. The Arch-Druid recommended the group search in the Vale of Shadows, a nearby region in the mountains famous for its history of undeath. The group entered the ancient tomb of Kressselack, the Black Wolf, an ancient barbarian leader who killed his tribe for immortality in undeath.
After fighting through waves of undeath, they came to Kresselack’s great sarcophagus itself. After fighting off his minions, the party was confronted by Kresselack’s shade, who told them that the priestess they were searching for was not in his temple. There was, however, a new undead presence in the Kuldahar region. The group returned to report back to the Arch-Druid.

XP gained per player: 6,662

The Temple of Myrkul

Kresselack's Lair



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