The Exemplars

2.10 - Assault on Dragon's Eye

The Yuan-ti Threat is finally defeated, at a cost.

PCs present – Jam, Destin, Willem, Enna, Zantumal, Rekar, Malek, Theren, Blackwood

The forces of the Ten Towns, with the help of the Exemplars, mounted a frontal assault on the fortress of Dragon’s Eye, the lair of the Yuan-ti in the north. The majority of the army pressed forward into the depths of the subterranean fortress; their goal being to secure the first level of the complex and seal off any access from the lower levels to the surface. General Grocheg, Timothy Quickdraw, and Theren went with this group, while the party skirted down a side hallway. Their job was to seek out and eliminate the casters of a ritual that scrying had revealed to be taking place. After a truly venomous encounter, the party liberated a group of abducted and starving villagers, including a blacksmith named Deborah. After helping the villagers barricade themselves inside, the party sought out the ritual chamber.
They arrived too late: the ritual had been cast. The Yuan-ti Incanter had summoned a Yuan-ti Anathema from the bowels of Dragon’s Eye, and the party set to work trying to kill it as soon as it was borne forth. After a grueling battle, the party rose victorious, but at a cost: Jamendithas was gravely wounded.
Destin stepped forward with a ritual from the book of forbidden magic Diadria gave him: it would presumably revitalize a dying comrade’s spirit. All it needed was a living focus to complete the ritual. Theren stepped forward, and the ritual was cast. Suddenly, the party was stunned by a blinding light, and a vision revealed Theren’s tragic past. When the haze cleared, Jam’s body was gone.
Timothy revealed to the party that Theren and Jam had joined as one, with Jam’s consciousness occupying a distant place of Theren’s subconscious. Theren’s sacrifice had also allowed him to complete his penance to Mielikki. His memory of his past was also, supposedly, gone from his mind.
The group retired to their tents in the camp. The fires of the snake corpses nearby burned in the night, filling the gorge with the cruel light of hard-earned victory.

XP gained per player: 5,000



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